実は、香港で仕事の基盤を作るべく、出産のサポートをしている「A Mother’s Touch」という会社のオーナー・Lizにご協力いただき、ポートフォリオ作成のため、以下の撮影のモニターを募集しています。


● バースフォト
● マタニティフォト
● ニューボーンベイビーフォト
● ファミリーフォト




About a birth photography (childbearing session photography).

Would you like to have that kind of pictures taken? Or not?

I felt that “Yes” is 80-90% and “No” is less than 20% when I ask friends of mine.

Actually, I’m looking for people to have pictures taken with cooperate from Liz who is the owner in “A Mother’s Touch”, because I’d like to make a portfolio for creating a foundation of work in Hong Kong.


● Birth photo
● Maternity photo
● Newborn baby photo
● Family photo


If your friends are in Hong Kong, please tell me. If the timing is right, I’ll also take pictures in Japan.